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Build Our Future Together

A next-generation Web3 Social media platform, that provide privacy & security while you connect with your friends, family and join the era of the internet

10k total nfts



An exceptionally unique membership tailored for web3 Legends

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10,000 NFT

We are minting Only 10k Nfts ever, More revenue for everyone

30% Share

Each Nft holder will get a 30% share of the dividend pool

300 Minting Price

A price point which anyone can afford easily

Limited Time, Limited NFTs

This project will close minting regardless of how many nfts are minted after a fixed time. Get your membership before its to late

Marketing Share

35% of net income will go towards marketing to promote and adoption of the platform by more users. The more users we have, the more revenue comes in.

NFT Members (holders)

30% will be airdropped to our loyal community members for holding our nfts and backing us from the start.  NFT holders will be able to withdraw their share directly from the platform in their favorite tokens like BTC, ETH, or stable coins.

Scaling & Development

Bring new tools for Content creators, Better experiences for users, Add more blockchain features, and educate web2 users to adopt web3 for better privacy & data security – allocated 25% of the net income