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Meta Invoker

Meta Invoker connects web2 & web3 to create Dapps, solving problems to improve the overall web3 experience and Sharing profits generated through dapps with the nft holders.

10k NFTS (Mint Now)

Meta Invoker

Each NFT is a membership, A front-row seat to the creative process of building Meta Invoker. Invoker NFT is not about the Art, But the journey towards a revolution in web2 & web3. If you believe in the decentralization of the internet, join us to Invoke a new era of social media.

An NFT community starting from just 10k  members and growing into millions.

Why Invoker NFT?

Meta Invoker represents a collection of 10,000 Invokers categorized by level of rarity and masterpiece of art. The Invoker is stored as ERC-721 tokens on the BNB blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

The minting period will be open for a limited time and there will be no second rounds for minting Ever Again!

Here is what you will miss out if you don’t mint an NFT:

  • Passive income from dividend pool
  • Lifetime Access to premium features
  • Lifetime Access to community Airdrops
  • Income share from All the future Dapps
  • Future NFT whitelist access
  • Access to community-held events
  • Golden Badge on the platform to show off early member status

Dividend Pool, How much one NFT holder can make?

How much you can earn from the dividend pool for holding meta invoker nft?

Meta invoker captures 0.5% of the total crypto users. You will be making 68 per month or 816 per year. with only 0.5%

That’s almost 240% ROI, and once Meta Invoker Captures 5% of total Crypto users, you can easily 10x within one year.

Meta Invoker will have multiple revenue streams like subscriptions, transactions, Ads, creating smart contracts, and partner programs.

So begins a new age of knowledge

Retention is key to successful business growth. Our platform gives your customers a better experience from start to finish in order for you to easily turn them into lifelong fans.