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Social Media Platform for Content Creators Web3 Community Privacy Lovers
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Together we build communities

The First & Only Social Media Platform for

320 Million Crypto Users

Invoker is the First multi-chain integrated Social Media platform dedicated to crypto users. Create a private community or group using built-in Smart Contracts or follow top crypto experts to stay updated. Share Memes with friends or Flex by showing off your collection of NFTs

Join the Cool Guys

For Users

Hangout with your Cool Web3 friends or Check out the latest trends in Crypto space

For NFT & Token Communities

Looking to Create and launch your NFT Gated community?

For Content Creators

Struggling to Reach out to your audience? Checkout our automated tools and partner program

Privacy & Protection

Login & Sign up through blockchain, No more verification through emails and phone numbers

Exclusive Content

Access your favorite community using NFTs or Tokens

Crypto Family

Become Friends, Fan, or Patreon

Air Drops

No More Signups for Airdrops, Get them directly through Invoker

Create loyal customers that love your brand

Retention is key to successful business growth. Our platform gives your customers a better experience from start to finish in order for you to easily turn them into lifelong fans. Already have a community? copy & paste the contract address and Tadaa it’s that simple.

  • Create and Deploy new contracts
  • Bring community with a few clicks
  • Share Exclusive content with your community
  • Airdrop or Run a Campaign

Our Mission is to make Web3 Content Creators life easy!

Let’s be real, almost every social media is banning crypto or not allowing crypto influencers to promote projects. Meta Invoker is opening its door to all content creators big or small, to create content and get paid for it. Join the partner program and get exclusive deals.

  • 100% reach to all of your audience
  • Post and Schedule Content for multiple Social media
  • Bigger exposure to the crypto community
  • Partner Program soon